Arizona Financial Assistance – What's Available and Who Qualifies

Arizona Financial Assistance – What's Available and Who Qualifies

Kim Pinnelli

by Kim Pinnelli
Senior Contributing Writer

August 17, 2021
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Arizona Financial Assistance – What's Available and Who Qualifies

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The goal of the Arizona Financial Assistance program – Cash Assistance for Needy Families, is to help families with children become self-sufficient. The state of Arizona receives grants to help low income families get back on their feet so they are able to support their family themselves without needing supportive services from the state or federal government.

What is the Purpose of the Arizona Financial Assistance Program?

The financial assistance provided by the Arizona government has four purposes:

  • Keep children in their own homes, cared for by their own parents
  • Prepare parents for a job, while maintaining their marriage and family life
  • Reduce the risk of pregnancies occurring outside of marriage
  • Keep families together, encouraging a two-parent family

Who is Eligible for the Supportive Services?

To be eligible for the Arizona Cash Assistance for Needy Families, you must be a resident of Arizona. You must also have a child 18-years old or younger. If you yourself are younger than 18 years old, you must be the head of the household and have a dependent child.

Eligible applicants must also be a resident of the United States, or be a legal or qualified alien. To qualify, you must have low or very low income compared to the poverty levels in Arizona. You must also be either unemployed or underemployed and need assistance.

Eligible applicants must also complete a Personal Responsibility Agreement. By signing the agreement, you agree to the following:

  • You will look for and accept a job
  • You will ensure all children ages 6 to 15 go to school
  • Keep your children immunized
  • You won’t sell or use drugs
  • You’ll do everything you can to keep your job
  • Follow all Cash Assistance and Child Support Services rules

How to Apply for Temporary Cash Support

To apply for Arizona Cash Assistance, you must complete an application. During the application process, it will ask you for various documents, you must gather the documents and send them in with your application.

You can view your application status online and upload documents directly to the program for faster service.

You can also download the application and fax or mail it in or call 855-432-7587 and have an application mailed to you.

To apply for the cash assistance program, you’ll need these documents:

  • Proof of residency and citizenship
  • Social Security cards
  • Birth certificates for your children
  • Contact information for your landlord
  • A document verifying your address
  • Proof of your last month’s household income
  • Proof you’re underemployed or unemployed
  • Most recent bank statement
  • Proof of your most recent bills
  • Proof of any financial assets
  • Proof of childcare expenses

Final Thoughts

The Arizona financial assistance program helps families get back on their feet. The financial assistance is temporary but can be renewed upon verification of your current financial status. While it’s not meant as a long-term support system, it can help families get through tough times and get back on their feet.