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Lavish Green is an independently run personal finance website. Our goal is to provide you, our reader, with helpful information, tools, and access to resources that will enable you to make positive changes in your life through smarter financial choices.

A Lavish Lifestyle vs. a Lavish Life

The word lavish often gets used to describe a lifestyle. A lavish lifestyle might include a big house, fancy car, the latest fashion, expensive toys. When used like this, lavish means “sumptuously rich, elaborate, or luxurious.” If you’re looking for tips on how to achieve a lavish lifestyle, you’ve come to the wrong place. Or have you? Read on!

At Lavish Green we believe in living a lavish life -- a life in which you control where your money (a.k.a. “green”) comes from and where your money goes. A life where you know how to grow it and not owe it. A life where you protect the wealth and things you love. An informed life where you have more control over your personal finances.

A Lavish Green Life

A Lavish Green life includes the skills to find a job, advance your career, spend wisely, save money, manage debt, grow your credit, protect your future and fund important goals like going to college, buying a home or car or maintaining the one you have. To us, lavish means “bestow something in generous ... quantities”. Our goal is to bestow you with personal finance knowledge, skills, tips and tricks and help you make more informed decisions for a better life.

Are you ready to live a Lavish Green life? Ready to have a strong handle on where your money comes from and where it goes? It might even lead to a lavish lifestyle but that’s up to you. The journey towards better personal finance skills and a lavish life starts here. Ready to get started?

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  • Disability
    Your ability to earn an income is an asset worth protecting.
  • Health
    Discover the right plan for your budget and personal needs
  • Auto
    Shop around to get the right coverage at the best price
  • Life
    Term and whole life insurance policies offer protection for different situations.

  • Tax credits
    Learn about credits you qualify for to reduce your tax liability.
  • Deductions
    Lower your taxable income using the right deductions.
  • Brackets
    Tax brackets can be confusing, but are essential to understand.

  • Score Types
    Understand the different types, such as FICO and Vantage Score.

  • 401(k) and IRA
    Saving and investing for your retirement doesn't have to be complicated.
  • Social Security
    Understand what you should expect to receive when you retire.
  • Taxes
    Learn how to minimize taxes during retirement.
  • Wills & Trusts
    Plan properly to ensure your assets are distributed after you pass.


  • Personal Loans
    Unsecured loans can be a useful tool in many scenarios.
  • Consolidation
    Combine multiple debts into one to pay them down sooner.
  • Bankruptcy
    Strategies for dealing with excessive debt.

  • Education
    Grants and scholarships are available if you are thinking of getting an education.
  • Housing
    Federal and state assistance programs can help cover the cost of housing.
  • Disability
    Assistance to supplement your income is available for those living with a disability.
  • Living Expenses
    Low-income households may qualify for subsidized phone and Internet service.


  • Budgeting
    Manage your spending better and make better use of your income.
  • Banking
    Find better yields on your savings, and lower fees on your checking.
  • Side Hustles
    Earning additional income on the side can be easier than you think.
  • Education
    Saving money for education is an important consideration for any parent.

  • Government Grants
    Government Assistance programs can help subsidize the cost of education.
  • Saving For College
    It's never too early to start a college saving fund for your children.
  • Scholarships
    Hundreds of scholarships are available to provide financial support for students.
  • Top 529 Plans
    Some state 529 plans are better than others, find out which one is best for you.