Increase Your Income Today With These 5 Side Hustles

Increase Your Income Today With These 5 Side Hustles

December 22, 2019
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Increase Your Income Today With These 5 Side Hustles

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The internet has made finding side hustles much easier. They are a great way to increase your income and make a difference in your financial life.

Anyone can make money on the side today. Even if you don’t think you have any special talents, there are side jobs today that just about anyone can do. Think of jobs like shopping, delivering food, data entry, voice-overs, and more! The internet has made finding a way to make side cash a cinch.

Check out the top places that you too can have a side hustle from home.


Rover is the perfect side hustle for dog lovers. What better way to make money than to walk furry friends? Rover is a simple app that you create your own profile on that includes your experience and availability.

You create your own gigs including:

  • Dog walking
  • Doggie daycare
  • Doggie boarding

You set your hours and fees. You also determine what types of dogs you’ll watch or walk. Rover takes a portion of your earnings as a service charge that covers the cost of the app and marketing. You receive payment two days after completion of an assignment.

Rover offers up to $1,000,000 protection for your business and 24/7 support. In order to set up a side hustle on Rover, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be available during weekdays
  • Have the Rover app
  • Pass a background check

According to Rover, the average part-time dog walker earns $1,000 per month on Rover.

Instacart Shopper

Do you love to shop but find yourself out of money to do so? What about shopping for other people? Instacart pays you to do other people’s grocery shopping for them. Instacart offers two ways to make money with them as a side hustle – in-store shopper or full-service shopper.

The in-store shopper only shops for the items, you don’t deliver them. You work in the store, receiving the order on your smartphone. After receiving the order, you pick it and get it ready for pick-up. Your job ends there.

The full-service shopper receives orders on his or her smartphone, shops the store and delivers the groceries directly to the customer’s door. Full-service shoppers work on their own schedule and must have access to a car.

In order to be an Instacart shopper whether in-store or full-service, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Eligible to work in the US
  • Have constant access to a smartphone
  • Have the ability to lift up to 50 pounds

How much Instacart shoppers make is kept closely under wraps, but Glassdoor reports that shoppers make an average of $10 - $17 per hour depending on the location.


You don’t have to work for one company to deliver food. With DoorDash, you are your own independent contractor, delivering food to customers from many restaurants in the area. You choose when you work and how much. All you need is a car and a smartphone to start.

You get to choose your own hours – there’s no minimum or maximum that you can work. You can ‘dash’ wherever you are, whether from home, another city, or even another state. The DoorDash app tells you how much you’ll make before you accept an order, making it easy to decide if it’s worth it or not.

In order to be a ‘dasher’ you must:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Have a car (some cities allow bikes or scooters)
  • Pass a background check
  • Be able to provide your social security and driver’s license number

Applying is simple:

  • Complete an application
  • Complete the orientation
  • Finish the signup process
  • Download the app and start

The amount ‘dashers’ make depends on the time of day and any special promotions at the time. On average, dashers make $2 - $10 per order plus any promotions or tips (from customers). DoorDash offers promotions for peak time deliveries as well as specific challenges to get more dashers working.

Airbnb Host

Are you willing to rent out your home or a room in your home? You can make a side income by marketing your space for rent on Airbnb. You don’t have to pay to list your properties and you only have to meet a small amount of criteria to be eligible:

  • Respond to messages on the Airbnb app within 24 hours
  • Accept requests that coincide with your availability on the Airbnb calendar
  • Don’t cancel on guests
  • Get positive reviews from guests

You must list your space appropriately and price it accordingly. You set the rates, the check-in procedures, and you are in charge of customer support while the guests are in your property. Airbnb takes a fee from each successful stay in your property based on your location.

According to the lender Earnest, the average Airbnb host makes $924 a month in side income. It’s easy to get started – you just list your home/room and its availability and wait for guests to ping you. If they agree to the terms, you have your first contract.


Do you have a talent that others don’t? You may make money for it on Fiverr. With more than 200 categories of gigs, there’s bound to be something you can do to have a side hustle from home. From voice-overs to graphic designers and everything in between, if you can do it online, you can probably make money on Fiverr.

You can work as much or as little as you want on Fiverr. You set the prices, terms, and you can even shut the gig down temporarily if you need a break. It’s free to join Fiverr and it only costs 20% of the income you earn after completing a gig. Fiverr handles the payment between the buyer and yourself and they pay you within 15 days of the buyer accepting your delivered work.

Getting started is simple:

  • Create your profile
  • Create your first gig
  • Offer packages (optional)
  • Wait for your orders

You can make as much or as little as you want on Fiverr. You are in control since you can create as few or as many gigs as you want.

Side jobs don’t mean you have to leave the house or work for someone else. Start your own side hustle using one of the amazing services already out there today. While you’ll pay a service fee for most programs, you don’t have to handle the marketing or administration – everything’s done for you so that you can focus on providing your talented service.