Government Grants: Making the Right Choice

Government Grants: Making the Right Choice

July 1, 2021
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Government Grants: Making the Right Choice

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Are you faced with bills and expenses you are unable to pay? Do you dream about getting your degree, but can't afford the full cost of tuition? The United States government has grant opportunities for these (and other) needs which you may be eligible to receive.

While many people are interested in pursuing grants for targeted purposes, most aren't sure if they are eligible or where to find them. If you are interested in learning about how to apply for a grant you've come to the right place.

Government Grant Industries

There are research grants in the medical, scientific, energy, or almost any industry where research is still an underlying need. Government research grants can often meet your research project's funding objectives. If you work in the academic world, there are government grants for educational research, projects, and departmental needs.

The government and some nonprofits offer hardship grants to assist you if you struggle financially and meet the funding's criteria. No matter what you need a grant for, if it's a viable and legitimate need, there is a variety of grants from the federal government you'll want to peruse and consider.

List of Government Grants for Individuals

Your first step is to identify the grant funding opportunities you are likely to qualify for. When seeking a federal grant, you can do this on Each grant lists eligibility requirements which can help narrow down the list to those applicable to your situation.

There are many government grants for individuals: for instance, if you need money to help you pay your energy bill, you can link over to the Office of Community Service. In addition, the Office of Community Service offers a Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).

Download the application if you meet the LIHEAP grant eligibility – this grant will require you to register a username, password and follow the instructions.

Personal Grant

If you need a personal grant for higher education and meet the eligibility criteria, more detailed information may be beneficial for you to consider on the Pell Grant. A Pell grant provides those in financial need with a way to achieve their dream of getting a higher education degree. Finding out how to apply for a grant or the application process is sometimes a challenge.

But once you learn the process, you will be able to fine-tune and improve it. The grant application’s basic process remains similar, no matter the grant type, industry, or scope of work. Personal grants usually provide funding help in your utility bills, rent, or mortgage.

Sometimes you may need a personal grant that helps you finance a new roof or energy-efficient appliance.

Government Hardship Grants

The government does provide hardship grants. However, no matter which grants you select once you download the application, you need to write it exactly as it tells you to. It also means you should not have any typos or grammatical mistakes.

Below is a list of the most common government grants regular folks seek out and apply for:

If you decide to apply for any of the above grants, complete the application carefully and honestly.

Your Best Grant and Funding Source

When you are ready to learn more about government grants, some websites offer you government grant information, statistics, industries, criteria, and more. Of course, you want to be as specific as possible in providing details about your application request. Also, never deviate from the grant application instructions.

Once you find a couple of government grants that you think will work for your professional or personal needs, you can do a deep dive into all of its aspects. It is never too late to give after the grant funding you need today so you can have the future you dream of tomorrow.