11 Great Side Jobs to Make Some Extra Money

11 Great Side Jobs to Make Some Extra Money

February 26, 2020
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There are several great side jobs people can do if they want to make some extra money.

Nearly four in 10 Americans work a side job, allowing them to earn more than $8,200 a year from their extra gig. With almost 40% of Americans working a side gig, why aren't you?

A side job can help you earn a little cash, add to your savings, or allow you to splurge.

Finding the right side gig can help you save up and discover new opportunities. Our list of 11 great side jobs can help you make that extra cash to start building your emergency fund, paying down your debts, or saving for retirement. Ready to find your hustle?

1. Write a Blog

If you don't have a lot of time during the day, consider starting a blog. As side hustles go, writing is a very approachable way to make money. The advertising revenue will start adding up as you attract more readers.

First, start a blog using WordPress, Medium or another web service. Then, determine your niche. What can you write about (often) that people will want to read?

Offer advice that people can't find anywhere else.

The key to making cash by authoring a blog is to write often. Try to set a schedule for yourself to write, at least once a week. Once you have a decent amount of content built up, sign up for Google Adsense, Taboola or Outbrain.

As your readership and traffic build, you'll start making money. Make sure to advertise your posts on social media to attract more readers to your blog.

If you're not interested in maintaining a blog, your talents as a freelance writer can be sold on Fiverr. You can write reports, white papers, websites, and more – and set your own price.

Lots of consulting companies, law firms, and other professional firms need to produce a steady stream of content for their blogs, and many rely on freelance writers. As a freelance writer, you can create these research-based articles for them.

If you enjoyed writing papers in college, a writing-focused side gig is great for you!

2. Give Help With Proofreading

If you're not interested in writing, what about reading? There are plenty of great side jobs that involve proofreading, especially if you're a detail-oriented person.

Bloggers, websites, and businesses all need proofreaders and will pay well for the service. You can proofread from a laptop anywhere in the world (as long as you have WiFi). The freedom will make it easier for you to work based on your schedule.

Gig sites like Fiverr or Upwork will facilitate selling your services to end-clients. Once you have the experience, you can start setting your own rates and bill by the hour.

Becoming a proofreader also gives you the chance to build your own business. You can broker other people's time for money. After you get enough clients, consider hiring others to proofread for you. Then, you can focus on getting more clients and building your business.

3. Deliver Groceries

Grocery stores are trying to make our lives easier by offering to deliver our groceries. If you don't want to get stuck behind a desk for your side gig, consider delivering food and groceries.

Instacart is a leader in the space, but this trend is growing across the country. In addition to PostMates and DoorDash, you can also sign up to deliver for UberEats and GrubHub. As more food delivery companies pop up, you can find new opportunities.

The only drawback to this side gig is it's generally limited to the business hours of groceries and restaurants. If you're looking for a gig that will let you work during the wee hours, this may not be the solution.

4. Go for a Drive

If spending more time in your car sounds fun, consider ridesharing. Unlike delivering groceries, demand for taxis exists at all hours.

You can drive your own car anytime, anywhere, allowing you to maintain control over your own schedule.

Lyft now offers services in over 350 US cities, along with Toronto and Ottawa in Canada. You might also want to look into Uber, the first and largest ride sharing platform.

With ridesharing as your side job, you can earn money when you want.

5. Sell Photos

Do you have a camera and basic Photoshop skills? If so, consider putting those skills to work! Make photography your side hustle and start selling your photos online.

Head out and take photos of your city. Then, consider selling your photos to publications such as local newspapers or blogs. You can also use sites like Shutterstock, iStock or Dreamstime to sell your photos online.

Trying to decide what to do with the extra money? Consider investing to build the money in your savings account.

6. Walk a Dog

Do you have a love for animals? Turn your passion into a side hustle by becoming a dog walker.

You can build up your client list the old fashioned way – ask friends or neighbors who have dogs if they need a dog walker during the day – or sign up for Roverr, and they’ll connect you with clients. Pretty soon, you'll have a few pups ready to follow you around the block.

You'll not only make extra cash but get some exercise in, too!

7. Sell on Amazon

If you have a lot of old books, movies, or CDs, consider selling them on Amazon or eBay to make a little extra money. In addition to making quick cash, you can also clear out the clutter in your home.

8. Produce Projects

If you're creative, head to Fiverr; a micro-selling site where you can sell creative services online. For example, you can write short articles, design logos, or record yourself on video for a company's brand. Browse their site to learn more about the types of gigs you can work on.

9. Get Crafty

Let your creativity shine and use Etsy to sell your crafts. You can create cards and invitations, jewelry, clothes, and more. In addition to offering great side jobs, Etsy also gives you the chance to build your own business.

10. Coach Online

Do you have knowledge you're ready to share with the world? Consider becoming a coach or consultant for others. Sell what you know by offering your online business skills to help someone else. You can sell your time by hosting Skype calls to offer your expertise.

11. Start Assisting

There are also plenty of virtual assistant jobs online. You can help people run their websites, social media accounts, or schedule. As a virtual assistant, you can improve your own skill set while helping someone else for pay.

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