How To Apply For Government Grants

Public financial assistance is available as free government grant money. Learn which free government grants you qualify for, and how to apply for government grants.

How To Apply For Government Grants

Public financial assistance is available as free government grant money. Learn which free government grants you qualify for, and how to apply for government grants.

July 30, 2020

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Government grants are financial assistance provided by the government to encourage growth and stabilize the economy, develop communities, and improve the standard of living of the people. Free government grant money is awarded to individuals and organizations upon application and qualification, and once granted, the money usually does not need to be repaid. 

The government has set up diverse agencies to help with the administration and distribution of this financial assistance. These agencies also serve as the point of contact to facilitate the process by which people apply for government grants. Free government grants are available to qualifying financially responsible US citizens.

Several free government grants are designed to target the many different needs of society. These grants are accessible all through the year, with each one having its own specified application deadline. If you would like to apply for government grants, ensure you submit your properly completed application during the stipulated timeframe. More importantly, you must know which types of grant are suitable for your situation.

Types Of Free Government Grants That Are Available

Many types of publicly available financial assistance come as free government grant money for US citizens and organizations. It is best to decide where you wish to solicit financial help from, to boost your chances of approval. When you apply for government grants in the wrong agencies, it can be time and resources wasting and discouraging when rejected. Fortunately, you can apply for government grants as many as possible. The best thing about this public financial assistance is that they are all free.

Through its numerous authority levels, the US government offers different financial assistance to the public for a variety of different causes. The most popular of these causes are education grants, disability grants, Grants for minorities, relocation grants, energy grants, and childcare/development assistance programs.  

You may be entitled to some financial assistance from the government that you are not aware of. That is the number one purpose of this article; to guide you to apply for government grants that you are entitled to.

Education Free Government Grants

The public education system requires adequate funding. To avoid low-quality education, the government provides free government grant money to improve teaching resources and access to education. However, you need to understand how to apply for government grants to get your hands on them.  

  • College Grants: College grants are free financial assistance for low-income students, disabled students, minority students, and former military students. To be considered for most free government grants for college education, you need to fill out a FAFSA form. This form helps the government determine a family’s ability to pay for a student’s college fees. 
  • Grants for Schools: Free government grants are available for schools to provide educational resources, such as computers and books. They also help balance financial lapses in schools due to harsh economic conditions. To apply for government grants in this category, you must be a stakeholder in the educational sector. 
  • Teaching Grants: Teaching grants are financial assistance made available to teachers to promote specific programs, such as art, science, and music. Teachers who want to conduct extra learning activities to enhance their teaching abilities can apply for government grants in this category. 
Relocation Free Government Grants and Financial Assistance

One of the most unfortunate situations in the country is to get a notice to vacate your home without adequate financial power to fund the move. If you ever find yourself in this difficult situation without proper funding, there is free government grant money that could help. 

The Housing and Urban Development Relocation Assistance and several government agencies run programs that provide relocation financial assistance to tenants. To apply for government grants in this category, you will need to get help at the Public Housing Authority to complete the application. If you are successful, you may receive subsidy assistance for up to 3 years. 

Disability Free Government Grants

People with disabilities have access to diverse free government grant money. Individuals with disabilities, either physically or mentally, enjoy free government grants for education and personal financial assistance. To apply for government grants in this category, you must obtain legal testimonial and confirmations from doctors of your disability.  

There are several grants in this category. The most common is Supplemental Security Income, also known as SSI. However, there are many other grants in this category that you can benefit from that are not well known to the public. Some of them include Home Based Primary Care, Children of Women Vietnam Veterans Health Care Benefits Program, Disabled Veterans Outreach, and Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits. 

The Energy Assistance Grants

The US Energy department provides several free financial assistance to individuals and majorly organizations. Whether you are a startup company in the energy sector trying to launch a pilot project or an established company that needs to expand, you can access free government energy grants. It is quite easier than expected to apply for government grants in this category, once you possess the requirements. 

You can secure these Energy support grants from the federal or state government through diverse channels. These channels include Office of Science, Office of Fossil Energy, LPO Investments, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy, Office of Nuclear Energy, and State Energy Programs. 

Childcare/Development Financial Assistance Programs

Caring for children is a necessity even for low-income and working parents. The United States’ Child Care and Development Block Grant Act offers federal financial assistance to states to assist low-income families and organizations with children under age 13. This free government grant money also allows for flexible pairing between state and federal funds to improve state and local quality of childcare. 

This free government grant money is administered by the US Department of Health and Human Services. Child care organizations and programs who want to apply for government grants specified for childcare must comply with state health and safety requirements. Part of this available financial assistance is also used to improve the quality of care children get through provider training. To apply for government grants for childcare and development, you should contact the lead agency for childcare in your state to get the application settled. 

Annually, the United States Government gives out huge free government grant money as financial assistance to individuals and organizations in need. In the US, over $400 Billion has been given as free government grants to qualified businesses, organizations, and US citizens. If you are interested in any of these grants, get the right information on the application opening and deadline, and ensure you act fast.

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