These Industries Are Hiring During COVID-19

These Industries Are Hiring During COVID-19

A.M. Kuska

by A.M. Kuska
Contributing Writer

Updated September 14, 2020
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These Industries Are Hiring During COVID-19

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If you've found yourself out of work and are looking for a new job, or possibly even a new career, now is actually a good time to make that change. While many industries have tapered off, these industries are hiring.

The novel coronavirus, COVID-19, sent global economies spiraling out of control earlier this year. Many industries, especially those in hospitality such as hotels, travel, and restaurants, have seen permanent job losses.

Shipping and Delivery

With lockdowns in place, and many people terrified to visit stores even when they are open, shipping and delivery has become a popular replacement. Amazon is hiring 100,000 workers right now, and companies such as UPS also want to hire 100,000 drivers and package handlers to help keep up with demand, and FedEx is hiring a more modest 35,000 workers.

Grocery Stores

With more people staying at home and restaurants either closed or with limited options, more people are cooking at home. This has resulted in a huge demand from grocery stores, as those who would have normally eaten at a restaurant are picking up ingredients to cook instead. In the same way, many convenience stores are seeing a surge in demand as more people stop by to grab a quick ingredient for dinner, or search for hard to find items such as toilet paper.

Target is hiring up to 130,000 seasonal workers. Instacart, a grocery delivery service, is looking to fill 300,000 roles, and Walmart is hiring 100,000 workers. Many grocery stores are hiring not just for bagging and checking positions, but for every step of the supply chain. You may even be able to find a job that matches your current career path at one of these companies.

Health care

Unsurprisingly, health care is seeing a huge surge in demand right now—and not just for doctors and nurses. There are thousands of jobs available from insurance and pharmaceutical jobs to UX designers and service technicians.

Even if healthcare is not generally your field, you may be able to find a job in this industry similar to what you did in the past. Philips, a health technology company is hiring 17,000 workers, and other companies in the healthcare field such as GSK, Healthfirst, and United Care are also hiring.

Hardware Stores

What do you do with your time when unexpectedly working from home? For many people, it's finishing all those home improvement projects you've been thinking about for months but never quite manage.

Ace Hardware, Home Depot, Lowes, and other hardware stores are also among companies that are experiencing a surge in demand. Tractor Supply is hiring 5,000 workers to meet the new demand, and Lowes is hiring for 30,000 new positions.

Whether you're just looking for temporary work until things blow over, or are taking advantage of the times to switch careers, many opportunities are still out there. You may discover this transition leads you to a job you like better, and new opportunities you didn't know were available until now.