How to Find a Remote Job

How to Find a Remote Job

Sarah L. Bromley

by Sarah L. Bromley
Contributing Writer

November 16, 2020
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How to Find a Remote Job

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Want to work from home? You're not alone, and finding a remote job is not as hard as you think.

As time goes on, it's become increasingly clear that it may take some time before the world returns to "normal." The shift from in-person to remote working has been accelerated dramatically by the spread of COVID-19. Many people have discovered they prefer to work at home. Companies have realized it can be beneficial and more efficient.

Whether you lost your job this year and you're hoping to enter a new sector, or the pandemic has forced you to make a move to working from home full-time, you're probably wondering how to find a remote job.

Choose an industry with lots of remote positions

Although you can try searching for any remote job without knowing precisely what you want to do, your job search is unlikely to be successful unless you have a clear focus. So, spare yourself the heartbreak of all those rejected applications and figure it out!

More jobs than ever are available as remote positions now, but it doesn't hurt to choose an industry or career path that maximizes your chances. Here are the sectors and job titles most likely to land you a remote job.

Web Development

Web developers have a job that revolves around sitting in front of a computer — of course, they can perform their role remotely!

As companies rush to improve their digital presence and or get online for the first, there's also more demand for web developers than ever before. Web development might not be a skill that you can pick up overnight, but

Even if you don't know how to code, you could consider becoming a web designer, which involves fewer technicals skills.

Graphic design

Similarly to web developers, graphic designers work in front of a computer — working remotely in this position makes complete sense.

Many graphic designers opt to become freelancers, but this isn't the only option. Plenty of companies hire full-time graphic designers in-house, especially larger firms.

Digital marketing

Historically, marketing departments have traditionally worked in physical premises, but many of their responsibilities don't require it — especially when it comes to digital marketing teams.

Marketing is a vast field that encompasses several roles. You might want to start as a digital marketer to get a broad understanding of this career path, or go into a more specific field, like:

There's something for everyone!

Remote working is more prevalent than ever.

Customer service

The prospect of working as a web developer, digital marketer, or graphic designer checks out — those are all industries that you'd expect to have remote positions available. But customer service? That one might come as a surprise.

The truth is, customer service is changing. It's no longer all about helping customers in person or working in a call center. It's not even about just answering phone calls! A considerable portion of customer service now revolves around answering customers' queries via live chat, email, or social media – all of which can be handled remotely.

Start your remote job hunt with a job website

Once you know what type of job you want, it's time to begin the actual job hunt. Where to start?

Remote working can seem drastically different from anything else, but the process of finding a job isn't. You'll fill out an application, get invited to one or more (remote) interviews, and hope for the best — in fact, most of the time, you can use the same websites for your search.

Indeed and Monster are the two most well-known job sites on the web, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that they're a great place to search for remote jobs too. Just filter the job listings by remote (or use it as a search query) – the number of results will surprise you.

That said, there are a few job sites that are specifically tailored to remote job opportunities. These include, We Work Remotely, and FlexJobs — they're great sites to check out for some inspiration about the kinds of roles out there.

Finally, some companies commonly recruit remote workers, such as Amazon and Kelly Services.

Finding a remote job isn't as hard as it used to be

Common mistakes when applying for a remote job

Although the process of applying for a remote job is remarkably similar to a regular job hunt, there are some added considerations.

Look Out For Scams

For one, be on the lookout for fraudulent "job adverts." Scammers know just as well as you do that remote jobs seem appealing, and they use that to their advantage. Vetting each job advert thoroughly is a must!

Here are some telltale signs that not everything is how it seems:

  • You can't find any information about the vacancy outside of the job board
  • A recruiter contacted you about a position you didn't apply for
  • The company has terrible reviews on Glassdoor
  • There are fees for background checks

Understand The Nature of the Job Type

If you want a job as a remote employee (somebody who works for a company remotely), make sure this is what the company offers. If you're being asked to take on an employee's responsibilities, don't let them hire you as a contractor or freelancer.

Although freelancing or contracting can be a great career choice for some people, it should be a choice rather than an accident. Freelancers are not entitled to the same benefits as an employee (like paid holidays), so you shouldn't have the same obligations (like working set hours).

Bottom line

Landing that coveted remote job you've always dreamed of might not be that difficult after all — but you need to have a clear picture of what you want, a realistic path of how you can get it, and the sense to avoid the most significant pitfalls along the way.

The digital economy is booming right now, and there's plenty of remote work out there. You just need to figure out how you can fit into that world!