This Federal Loan Program Can Help You Buy A Home

This Federal Loan Program Can Help You Buy A Home

Updated October 2, 2020
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This Federal Loan Program Can Help You Buy A Home

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If you live in a rural area and have low to moderate-income, you may qualify for the USDA Loan program.

This low-income loan helps borrowers buy a home with no down payment and flexible underwriting guidelines.

How the USDA Loan Works

The USDA loan is a government-backed loan program that helps low-income borrowers buy a home. The USDA doesn't underwrite or fund the loan, but they do guarantee it.

Only USDA-approved lenders may offer the loan program, and they must abide by the USDA guidelines.

You apply for the loan through a regular mortgage lender or bank, provide them with any required documents, and they will underwrite the loan.

If the bank approves you for the loan, they send the complete file to the USDA for final approval. Then, once approved, the bank funds your loan, and you make your payments to the bank.

In exchange for the USDA's guaranty, you must pay mortgage insurance to the USDA for the loan's life. Today, the insurance rates are 1% of the loan amount upfront and 0.35% of the outstanding loan balance annually (paid monthly).

Who is Eligible for the USDA Loan Program?

This low-income home loan is only for specific borrowers, though. To be eligible, you must meet the following:

How do you Qualify?

If you are eligible for a USDA loan, you must meet the following requirements to qualify:

  • A credit score of 640 or higher
  • Your housing payment must be less than 29% of your gross monthly income
  • Your total debt ratio of must be less than 41% of your gross monthly income
  • No debt collections in the last 12 months
  • You must have stable employment and income

It is essential to understand that your eligibility income and qualifying income are two different things. Eligibility income is the total household income, which includes all adults earning an income in your home. On the other hand, qualifying income is only the income that you (and any co-borrowers) earn.

For example, if you buy the house with your spouse, just your income and your spouse's income count toward the debt ratio to qualify for the loan.

The USDA program is an outstanding low-income home loan. It can help you buy a home if traditional loans are out of reach. Make sure you shop around to find a lender that offers the terms you want on your USDA loan to make the most of your investment.